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Willie Bronco

Willie Bronco

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Submitted by Celine O.

My idea for a new Zumanity game is based on the "Willie Bronco" scene. It involves Willie passing out roses to scandalously sexy dressed women, as in the show. It provides appeal for both men and women; Willie's amazing physique as he strips throughout the levels for the women, and the seductive women he must please in each level for the men. *Note:The arrow of the mouse points at the direction that Willie is facing and thus determines where Willie will aim his roses. Left click releases the rose which must be aimed at the women he is throwing them to.* Levels 1&2: The game starts off slowly in level one. The player must meet the demands of the women who are slowly approaching Willie and he must throw them each a rose before they reach him. The women inch forward, taking 5 strides each, coming at him one at a time. The point system is simple, throw the woman a rose on her first step, get twenty points, if she's on her second step, its 15 points, third step 10 points, fourth step 5 points, fifth step already reaches Willie and its game over. The women have 3 seconds in between steps in round one, giving the player a fair chance to get used to the game and get to round 2. Once he has successfully managed to distribute 25 roses to 25 women, it's on to level two. In level 2, the its the same concept, but the women are approaching him a little more quickly with only two seconds in between steps, giving the player less time and making them think faster. Once 30 roses have been given to 30 women, the game moves on to level 3 and the degree of difficulty increases. At this point, Willie sheds of his first article of clothing: His jacket. *Note: After the completion of every 2 levels, Willie strips off a single article of clothing as a reward to the player for finishing 2 rounds, 4 pieces of clothing total until the last level: His jacket after levels 1&2, Pant leg 1 after levels 3&4, Pant leg 2 after levels 5&6, and finally the Mid section of his pants to reveal the studded thong at the end of round 8. At this point, Willie will do a little dance and teasingly "jiggle of the goods" at the end of the game* Levels 3 &4: A new task is introduced; if Willie is able to make a fancy spin in between pleasing women, he gets an extra 15 bonus points per spin. Spins are achieved by holding down the left click and making a small circle on Willie with the arrow. The catch is, that each spin takes about a second, which takes time away from throwing roses to the women. After 35 women have been given roses in level 3, the player moves on to level 4, which is a bit faster again. After giving roses to another 35 women, time for the next round. Now Willie takes off his first pant leg. Levels 5&6: In addition to throwing roses and doing fancy spins, some of the women also want kisses from Willie. This will be evident by a little heart that will be on top of the womens' heads who require him to blow her a kiss as well. Willie must first throw the women with hearts a rose by left clicking, then blow her a kiss too by right clicking. In the mean time, he can still earn extra points by completing spins and still has to meet the demands of all the women who want a rose before they get too close. Level 6, then of course, continues a little faster than level 5 and 40 women must be given roses (and some kisses) in each level in order to make it to the final 2 rounds. Willie now removes his second pant leg. Levels 7&8: The game heats up in the final two rounds as Willie must throw roses, complete spins, blow kisses, and now unhook the women's bras by double clicking on the women only AFTER he has given them roses and kisses. Unhooking womens' bras gives the player an extra 20 bonus points per bra. The final levels are fast paced, challenging and spicy, 8 being a little faster than 7 of course. Upon the completion of pleasing 40 women in each of the 2 levels,without letting them get to close, you have won the game! Finally Willie takes off his shorts and he and the women do a sexy little dance, and its on to the high scores board where you can record how well you did and compare it nationwide. Before beginning the game, the player must create a username to be displayed on the high scores board and submit a valid email address where email updates on Zumanity can be sent. And that is my Zumanity, Willie Bronco scene game :-)

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